A study by Uber finds that future spending of customers who had a bad experience will increase by 7-12% if they receive a prompt and sincere apology.

CustomerAngle enables your organization to respond to your unsatisfied customers in real-time.
Are you looking for an effective tool to manage your customers’ experience? A tool that:

  • enables customers to share their views on any aspect of your organization in less than 30 seconds on their mobile devices;
  • alerts your staff when the feedback requires immediate attention;
  • enables the staff to let the customer know of actions taken in response;
  • provides an executive dashboard for overviews (or detailed pictures, when needed) of customers’ feedback so systemic issues can be addressed;
  • is hosted securely on the cloud so it essentially has no impact on your IT infrastructure

CustomerAngle™ can do all of the above, and more at an affordable cost: Impress your Customers!

“We have been focusing on our customers throughout our 30 years in business. Now for the first time, our customers can conveniently provide their quick feedback on every aspect of our business as they use our products and services. Our executives, managers and staff have been energized by praises we are receiving from our satisfied customers. Furthermore, our management team is now able to quickly address customers’ concerns as they are brought up. CustomerAngle has brought an incredible level of transparency, accountability and focus to the voices of our customers.”
Barry Ardelan, President & Founder, Prime Clinical Systems

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