Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can offer your feedback pages in many languages so your customers can choose the language that they are most comfortable with. It is essential to be able to capture the feedback from non-English speaking customers. The good news is that it takes very little effort to add a new language option to you feedback pages.

BGi solutions differ from Yelp and other social media in a number of ways:

  • You resolve your customers’ issues through private dialogues with individual customers, rather than through a public forum.
  • Your organization addresses issues in real-time vs. typically long after-the-fact through social media.
  • Your staff and managers receive customer feedback that is relevant to them rather than them having to visit Yelp or  other social media sites to see all feedback posted for your organization. In other words, with our solution feedback is “pushed” to the right staff, instead of the staff “pulling” from the general feedback. Therefore, it enables managers and staff to take action on issues as they arise. Also, our solution aggregates the feedback from all your sites or products, rather than searching through multiple social media site.
  • By quickly acting on customer issues and “closing the loop” with customers, you will significantly improve your customer satisfaction, while improving your operational effectiveness and your revenues.
  • We are capable of capturing customer feedback at more granular level (for example for specific staff member, locations, functions or products of your organization) than Yelp.  So, staff and managers can be praised for positive customer feedback or being coached when customer service issues arise. And, the shortcoming of products and services can be improved by addressing their specific issues.
  • We provide your management and staff with benchmarks to examine the trends of customer satisfaction among products, services, locations and staff so their efforts can be focused on where improvement will have the greatest impact.

The traditional means for organization to gather customers’ feedback is either through customer surveys or through “mystery shoppers”:

  • Surveys:
    • Most surveys consist of long lists of questions in areas that were deemed important to customers (typically these questions developed through customer focus groups). However, generally there are only one or two areas that influence a given customer’s perception. As such, customers don’t like answering all the other questions that are not important to them, on which they did not form any opinion, or that they did not experience. Our solutions, on the other hand, captures the customers’ feedback on the quality of the service or the product that they receive. While each customer provides his/her quick feedback on a specific aspects on products and services, the staff responsible for the product or service can focus on addressing issues that are not viewed favorably by customers. Furthermore, with the ability to send alerts, staff and managers are empowered to address issues raised by customers in an unprecedented speed.
    • Because of the length of traditional surveys, they have to be typically filled out on a desktop or a laptop. Our solutions enable customers to use their mobile devices to provide feedback by scanning a QR code or typing a simple URL.
    • It takes about 30 seconds for a customer to provide feedback through our solutions vs. anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes for traditional surveys.
    • Generally the results of traditional surveys are made available to managers in the organization periodically (weekly, monthly, etc.) Managers generally view these reports of little value as many opportunities to address issues are passed. Our solutions provide comments and trends to the appropriate staff and managers in your organization in real time at all times.
    • Many surveys ask questions (e.g., about age, income, e-mail address, etc.) that may be perceived intrusive by many customers. A customer does not have to leave any personal data to provide feedback to an organization through our solutions.
  • Mystery Shoppers:
    • Mystery shoppers are, at best, proxies for your real customers. Why not hear from your customers directly?
    • The number of feedback you receive will be greatly larger than what you would receive from mystery shoppers.
    • Mystery shopper services are far greater in cost than subscription to our solutions.
    • Mystery shoppers reports identify problems in the past, while our solutions identify current issues so your staff can address them in real time.

You can practically customize every aspect of your organization feedback page with your logo, with your own wording and graphics.

BGi has always recognized and respected the confidentiality of clients data. BGi will not divulge specific customer feedback information obtained from an organization to other entities. BGi can help your customer to make their feedback available on the internet, if you choose to. BGi may use statistical aspects of customers’ feedback data from an organization (e.g., the overall improvement rate) without identifying the organization. Such sharing of improvement efforts will help client organizations to become more familiar with effective practices leading to improvements in customer satisfaction.

We also respect the privacy of our clients and their customers, as documented by our Privacy Policy.

Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model is a subscription based, i.e., “pay as you use”. The use of our solutions is covered by our BGi Apps Agreement.

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